Weekly Round Up of Gaming News (8/7/18)

There’s so much news happening through the week. So, because of that, here at Axios Arts we’ve decided to provide a weekly roundup of the most important gaming news that happening throughout the week. So, without further due let’s get into the nitty gritty of things.

Nintendo News:

There’s allot of new games coming to Nintendo’s newest system the switch. As a fan myself I’m very excited about allot of this news.

The World Ends with You: Final Remix is coming to the Nintendo Switch in October

Wind Jammers is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Dead Cells is set to come to the Switch

XBOX News:

There’s always been an Xbox in my house sense I was a kid. So, it’s very exciting to see what the latest system has to offer on it.

Xbox has added three new backwards compatible games

Tekken 7 has added Negan from the hit show Walking Dead to its playable character roster

FiFA 19 adds a new game play mode called “Division Rivals”

The newest in the Dark Siders series (Dark Siders 3) reveals new game play footage

PlayStation News:

I personally own one of these babies and love it. (I’d love it more if the PSN network would get hacked less but whatever).

The Newest Assassins Creed (Odyssey) shows off ranged combat in new game play footage

Final Fantasy 14 adds a new monster in the Hunter’s Rathalos update

The Kill La Kill fighting game demo was shown off at Evo

H1Z1 is FINALLY out of Beta

Rainbow Six Siege Operation introduces not one but two new operators and a map rework

PC Gaming News:

What can I say? It's the master race.

Fallout 76 announces that it will not be launching on the Steam platform

We happy Few announces the gameplay length of 20 hours

Dead or Alive 6 teases Hitomi and Leifang Reveal

Cross-Platform News:

Some gaming news is universal, and some games are so strong and independent that they don't need no one single gaming system.

Fortnite Servers are finally back online with the 5.20 update

Dragon Ball Fighter Z announces Cooler as a new DLC character

Overwatch Summer Games Introduces some new Ana and Winston Skins

Rocket League: Ultimate edition is set to release this month

Black Ops 4 is looking into fine tuning weapons, specialists and responding to body armor complaints.

Well, that’s all there is for this week. Did we miss something? Do you know something we don’t? Let us know down in the comments down below and we’ll see you next week with your weekly roundup of gaming news.