Why Axios Arts?

Looking for a place to facilitate your art-work, photography and receive your dose of bad-assery? Axios Arts has got you covered, we facilitate a vast Community for artists, poets, gamers and much more!



Axios Arts bolsters a progression and leveling system for its users so they can track and be rewarded for their activity within the server. Currently, there are seven levels our users can progress through. Additionally, there are self-assignable roles that users can choose from to boast what gaming platform(s) they play on.



In addition to the vast number of other features our Discord bots facilitate, our Axios Arts bot has a built-in password generator that our users can utilize to safely generate a random password that they can conveniently utilize anywhere they wish! Generated passwords are securely sent to the user via Direct Messages and are not stored anywhere else.



In our Discord Server and under the vast number of text and voice channels, users may see the Axios Radio bot. This bot is intended to be utilized as means to play some of your favorite music across YouTube and Spotify. 


Automated moderation

Axios Arts bolsters several automated Moderation features, our users' safety and satisfaction are among our priorities. We don't like being bombarded with invite links, just as we're sure you don't either - so we've taken steps to prevent this!



In addition to the other listed features, Axios Arts also facilitates a Premium "Alpha" role that users may purchase to both support Axios Arts and gain access to a vast number of exclusive features.

  • Image Editing Commands
  • Password Generator
  • Fortnite Stat Lookup
  • IMDB Lookup
  • Memes and Fancy 8-ball Generator
  • Exclusive Channels
  • Exclusive Role
  • Exclusive Server Badge
  • Image Dithering
  • Transparency Remover
  • Image Normalizing
  • Beta Access to New Features