Discord Server Changelog (8/10/2018)

I have been hard at work fine-tuning our Discord Server's UI and UX both with the channel organization and the Axios Arts Discord Bot. In that, I think it's time for a long & overdue update to keep you all in the loop with the awesomeness within our server!

Channel Movements

  • The Memes channel has been moved to the bottom of the channel listings under "Off-Topic".
  • The Announcements channel has been moved to the very tip-top of the channel listings without a category.
  • Dinosaurs are freaking awesome (and so are you). 
  • The Alpha category (and channels) have been introduced to the channel listings.
  • The Gaming category has been reorganized.

Premium Role

A Premium Role has been introduced to the Discord Server and is available for purchase for only $5.00 via our Discord page and includes access to the following features:

  • Exclusive Role
  • Exclusive Server Badge
  • Image Dithering
  • Transparency Remover
  • Image Normalizing
  • Beta Access to New Features
  • Image Editing Commands
  • Password Generator
  • Fortnite Stat Lookup
  • IMDB Lookup
  • Memes and Fancy 8-ball Generator
  • Exclusive Channels


(Badges...? ...We don't need no stinkin' badges!)

A vast selection of badges have been added, all (part from Honorable and Premium) are manually awarded as per Administrative discretion. The Premium badge is automatically added upon redemption of a user's purchased Alpha redemption code. The Honorable badge is awarded automatically once a user achieves, or surpasses, level 50.

:question: Support
This user is a part of the Official Axios Arts Support Team.
:gear:️ Bot Developer
This user assisted in the development of the Axios Arts Discord Bot.
:lock: Staff
This user is a member of the Official Axios Arts Staff.
:pen_fountain:️ Artist
This user is a member of the Axios Arts Official Art Team.
:gem: Premium
This user has purchased the Premium package, allowing them access to the Alpha Role and privileges.
:loudspeaker: Promoter
This user has supported the growth of Axios Arts through various promotional means.
:pencil: Helpful
This user has demonstrated exemplary performance within the Axios Arts Discord Server by demonstrating a desire to help and assist others.
:fire: Contributor
This user has devoted an immense amount of time and effort to the Axios Arts Community.
:crossed_swords:️ Honorable
This user is Honorable. They have met or surpassed level 50 within the Axios Arts Discord Server.
:beetle: Bug Tracker
This user aided in the findings, or fixing of a bug either within the Discord or on the Axios Arts website.
:trophy: Valued Contributor
This user has consistently posted constructive input on the Axios Arts Blog or Gaming News.
:heart:️ Partner
This user (or user's organization) is actively partnered with Axios Arts.