The Adventure Zone: Podcast and Visual Novel

 Here at Axios Arts, we love all things nerdy, we also love finding new forms of media out there. One of our most recent loves, and probably yours too, is podcasts. Podcasting as a media is an interesting subject because it harkens back to the days of radio shows. Whether this is a new wave of a nostalgia or a new way for young people to rebel against larger forms of media.
Podcasting has entered a wave of revival and at the forefront of that wave is the McElroy family. Justin (oldest brother), Travis (Middle-st brother), and Griffin (Sweet baby brother).
These brothers have been doing podcasting for eight years or so, through those eight years, they have started and still run those shows. Thing such as My Brother, My Brother, and Me (MBMBAM), Saw-Bones, Schmanners, and the Adventure Zone (TAZ) all through the Maximum Fun Network of Podcasts.

As you may have guessed the Adventure Zone (TAZ) is a DnD podcast in which Griffin runs as DM (Dungeon Master) and his two brothers (Justin and Travis) with their father Clint McElroy are players. They roll dice and work together to weave a collaborative story about found family, believing in goodness, and choosing joy in life. 

With TAZ finally reaching its second season after taking a break to do mini-arcs to find which way they wanted to go. The McElroy brothers and their father have been hard at work transcribing their first season (called the Balance Arc) into a comic book. Earlier this week was the release of the first book in the series called “Here there be Gerblins." Artist Carey Pietsch is currently working together with the McElroy family as the illustrator of the comic.


Of course, this isn’t the first DnD based media to receive a comic book makeover, through Geek and Sundry "Critical Role" the live play DnD twitch stream/podcast has received a comic book makeover from Dark Horse Comics


But it is still a big moment for the McElroy family and their following, especially as a personal fan myself. So if you haven’t already checked them out I suggest you do. Whether it’s through comic book form or in podcast, you're sure to have a good time.