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Business Ownership & Discord Utilization

Whilst there are many services and brands out there that boast various perks and abilities to those intending to facilitate their very own community, those of us at Axios Arts could not imagine a more fitting and versatile application than that of Discord. Discord serves as the perfect platform for both business owners and those merely dabbling as means to construct and expand their brand.

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Discord is equipped to handle a vast number of messages and even communities who are highly-dependent upon VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Discord utilizes a well-renowned database dubbed "Cassandra", a node vastly utilized by large companies such as Netflix and Apple.

Cassandra is a distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers. Like all other distributed database systems, it provides high availability with no single point of failure.
— Chong Tang, Stack Overflow (02/11/2015)
Additionally, Discord pays due diligence to modern-day cyber threats and as a result, they take security threats incredibly serious. Let's check out some of their security features, as per reported in their blog post "Security, Discord and You!" Discord utilizes a Client-Server architecture for all voice and text communication, which essentially means that members of your community will be safe from Denial of Service, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Additionally, all linked material (images, URLs, etc) are proxied through their system, which is essentially an additional layer of security to ensure members of your community are safe from the bad guys!
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Once users within your community have verified their account(s), it will be required of them to confirm (via e-mail) any log-in attempts from unkown Internet Protocols. As an added layer of security, users can enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which will require them to authenticate log-in attempts by entering a code available on a separate phone or device.

Discord is incredibly powerful and allows users to access the contents of your community through utilization of a mac, pc, tablet and even their phone(s) – which means users will be able to take your community, brand and content on the go!

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Discord boasts a vast amount of features and they hold true, which is exactly why it's the ideal platform for users looking to expand their outreach. In addition to the IP & DDoS protection, Discord boasts a low latency, minimal CPU usage, custom hot keys, channel customization, push notifications and an overwhelming list of other features. Check them all out here: Discord Features

There's no argument, Discord is quickly expanding and so are the expectations in online communities and even businesses. Discord, whilst primarily intended for gamers, is a platform as diverse as it's user-base; it's often utilized by many looking to merely communicate via text, video and even voice due to it being free, which alone is quite significant to why it would be utilized over many other competitors. Discord allows you to deliver your content to a vast and growing demographic. Check them out and feel free to join our Official Discord server below!

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