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Axios Arts was initially an idea I thought up many years ago, but I didn't quite possess the ability or knowledge of how to make things a reality. It really wasn't until I enlisted in the United States Army that I really began to emerge from my shell, and begin to amass my skills as a Graphic Designer and leader. I've always been one driven on the premise of providing the best quality of content, or quality in general, of anything I become involved in, and I truly hope that I'm able to utilize that very same mindset in my involvement as a leader within this community. It's so easy to be consumed with the idea of success, or the various "perks" for lack of better term, that come along with being successful; but I intend to challenge that. Tecumseh, a Native American Shawnee warrior, and chief, once said that "A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong." in my journey of success, I intend to be successful with others, and to be a driving force in the direction I intend for this to go. In that, I hope that I am able to be a beacon to others on their journey through life and to provide a vast number of resources for those looking to emulate our core values, beliefs and methods of interaction. You are all more than just a number, more than an icon amongst the numerous others that float around our screens, you are living, breathing, and amazing human beings who deserve to be recognized for the vast number of hours you place within your passions. Axios Arts intends to be a safe, fun and relaxing environment for everyone to share those passions, whether it be music, art, dance, creative writing, and so much more. Though our rules and guidelines are vast, this is in no way meant to deter your creativity, or to ensure you conform to specific standards within your passion; they are intended to facilitate the interactions between one another. We believe in leaders, exceptional individuals who are driven, passionate and aspiring for much more than the mediocre, and we plan to equip you with the best of all Axios Arts has to offer, between the various merchandise we sell, to the content of which we post, down to our customer support interaction, and daily rambling that occurs within our Discord servers. We are here for you, not just as astute professionals, but as friends, a guiding light, a beacon of hope, a shoulder to lean on, and an ear to bend; for it's all of you that makes what we do possible.  Thanks for being so incredible!

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