inkbox™ semi-permanent tattoos


Interested in a tattoo for now, but not forever? Those of us at Axios Arts certainly are, so we're going to give it a shot! inkbox™ boasts authentic, easy to apply and long lasting temporary tattoos, and that's not even the best parts! inkbox™ also showcases various new & trending tattoo designs at which you can order right from their shop! If they don't suit your need(s) for ink, then you may also create your own here:

Interested in learning more before you make a temporary bad decision? Check out how inkbox™ works here:

inkbox™ also boasts a bottle of ink at which can be utilized to create your own personal masterpiece, if you're interested in learning more - check it out here:


Interested in making a temporary bad decision now that you're all caught up? We certainly are, so those of us at Axios Arts will be giving it a shot, and may even showcase some sweet designs at which you can purchase, and make a temporary bad decision, but long-lasting impression. Click here for $10.00 off of your inkbox™ order:

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