Welcome to the new site!

Hello, and welcome to the new site upgrade - we at Axios Arts truly hope you enjoy your stay here on-site and within our vast community of designers; we truly appreciate your interest in what we do! There are many features throughout the site, all with their own individual function(s); but don't let that intimidate you. You are currently viewing our Blog page, where all updates and announcements pertaining to Axios Arts are stored and can be searched regardless of when they were posted (except the future, of course.. but if you know somebody, let us know.. *wink*). 

One will also find that we have a Homepage of which features a link to our Official Discord Server of which can also be found in the user-navigation menu, and the announcement at the tip-top of your screen! Additionally, we also have a Portfolio page, which showcases all of our awesome work. We also facilitate our own Store here on site (how cool is that?!) which features several different items (and many more to come!). One may also notice that we have a Contact page here on site, so if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to Axios Arts - you may contact us through utilization of that page or our Discord Server (as mentioned above). Oh, and for the technical mumbo-jumbo that keeps things from breaking and going all wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey, so we facilitate our very own Staff page as well, and this also offers you (the user) to get to know us a little better! Last, but not least - we have our Discord link within the navigation bar, and a "My Account" or "Sign In" button, of which you can either access your account information, recent orders, sign in and even sign up!