Tailor Brands is an online platform one can utilize to form logo designs for utilization in a wide spectrum of areas, even entire brands or presentations! Tailor Brands utilizes no pre-made logos and you're equipped with a vast number of tools to create a logo specific to you or your brand(s).

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We all have a dream, no matter what walk in life you come from, no matter what profession(s) you delve into, it’s something we all share. My dream is to become a full time Graphic Designer, and to make others smile through utilization of my artistic skill set; because there’s nothing more satisfying to me than to see the face of a client who’s ecstatic after seeing their final product. Art has always been an outlet for me all throughout my life, because no matter what I was facing, it was something I could utilize to visually represent all the emotions I couldn’t put into words. After nearly losing my sister (of whom is autistic with a tectal-glioma brain tumor), it was something I looked to more than ever.

Welcome to the new website! Axios Arts is a Veteran owned community of artists all driven on the premise of showcasing their skill(s), each aspiring artist within the community exemplifies (in their own way) what Axios Arts stands for. This page is intended to facilitate blog posts; which can and will be made at anytime, so be sure to check back here frequently for continued updates in all things pertaining to Axios Arts!